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Robert Bob Thompson was born 27th February 1890 in Bells Close, Northumberland. He was appointed the club's first ever Player-Manager and captain for the 1922-23 season. His selection for the newely created post was apparently made from a host of applications from 'players of some standing and reputation'. Thompson hailed from a little village near Newcastle upon Tyne and his boyhood and early youth was spent at a junior club called Blayden, where he played at outside-left in the east tyne league at the age of 15. In his first season with them he was chosen for the representative League XI in the inter-league match. in the following season he joined a club named

Scotswood in the Northern Alliance, where he was converted to play Left Back.

At the age of 18 he was snapped up by Leciester Fosse ( Now Leciester City) but towards teh end of his first season he was transferred to Everton in April 1913, so he got his chance at top flight football at the tender age of 19. Duribing the eight years he was with the toffies he played regularly i the forst team at full-back, earned a league championship medel in 1914-15 and acted as captain of the team for 3 seasons during world war 1.

in all Bob made 83 football League Appearences for Everton before joining Millwall in 1920. He returned to the north to join Tranmere Rovers in June 1922 and was appointed Player manager exactly 2 months later. . The role of Player-Manager though Significantly difficult to our understanding these days. His first job was to organise training during the week, encourage and motivate the players in the dressing room before the match and make recoccendations to the director with regards to who should play where and when; however the final word on the subject was always with the Directors.

Overall. Thompson contributation to club history was infinitely forgettable. He made 35 appearences during the season scoring 5 goals including 1 in his last game at Prenton Park on April 12st 1923 against Bzrrow nefore being given a free transfrer at the end of the season. The Team finnished 16th.

He died in Liverpool in 1958

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MOTTO: UBI FIDES IBI LUX ET ROBUR which means "Where there is faith, there is light and strength."

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